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BAT FOR ACER E15 M5 R7 V5 14.8V 2200MAH

High-capacity, durable replacement battery with advanced safety features and perfect compatibility for Acer E15, M5, R7, and V5 notebooks (model ABT-ACV5)
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The Astrum Replacement Battery 14.8V 2200mAh is a high-quality, reliable power source designed to extend the life and enhance the performance of your Acer E15, M5, R7, and V5 notebooks. This battery is engineered to meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance for your Acer devices.

With a voltage of 14.8V and a capacity of 2200mAh, this battery provides a robust power solution that allows for extended use of your Acer notebook, reducing the need for frequent recharging. The Astrum battery is built with premium lithium-ion cells that ensure efficient energy storage and discharge. Advanced cell technology minimizes the risk of memory effect, allowing you to charge and discharge the battery without significant loss of capacity over time.

Designed specifically for compatibility with Acer models E15, M5, R7, and V5, the battery fits perfectly into the battery bay, making installation quick and hassle-free. The Astrum Replacement Battery incorporates multiple safety features, including protection against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. These built-in safeguards ensure that both the battery and your notebook are protected from potential damage. Encased in a robust outer shell, the battery is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance even with regular use. Additionally, the battery is made with eco-friendly materials and is compliant with international environmental standards, making it a responsible choice for both users and the planet. It is also fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

To install the battery, turn off your Acer notebook and disconnect it from any power source. Remove the existing battery by unlocking the battery latch and sliding the battery out. Insert the Astrum Replacement Battery into the battery bay and secure it by locking the latch. Power on your notebook and allow the battery to charge completely before initial use. To maximize the battery life, it is recommended to perform regular full charge and discharge cycles. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, and store it in a cool, dry place if not used for an extended period.

The Astrum Replacement Battery comes with a 12-month warranty, ensuring peace of mind and customer satisfaction. Should you encounter any issues with the battery, Astrum provides comprehensive support and service to address your concerns promptly. Overall, the Astrum Replacement Battery 14.8V 2200mAh for Acer E15, M5, R7, and V5 notebooks (model ABT-ACV5) is an excellent choice for users seeking a reliable, high-quality power solution. With its superior build quality, enhanced safety features, and easy installation, this battery is designed to keep your Acer notebook running smoothly and efficiently for extended periods.


AL12A32 AL12A72 AK.004BT.097 AL12A42 AL12A52 KT.00403.012 KT.00407.001


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