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KB HP 15-P

– 100% compatible with qwerty soft touch laptop replacement keyboards
with UV printed keys, for all the specified laptop brands.

– Top-rated quality, it is very easy to install almost effortlessly
with little or no technical skills.

– Built from eco-friendly components, our replacement keyboards
are safe to use, and factory-tested for high performance.

– Our laptop keyboards are backed by Astrum 1 Year warranty to assure
peace of mind and high quality.

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Experience the pinnacle of laptop keyboard replacement with our premium selection, meticulously crafted to ensure 100% compatibility with QWERTY soft-touch laptops. Featuring UV-printed keys, our keyboards are designed for seamless integration across various laptop brands.

Our commitment to excellence shines through:

Impeccable Quality: Our keyboards are renowned for their top-rated quality, making installation nearly effortless, even for those with minimal technical skills.

Environmentally Conscious: Built from eco-friendly components, our replacement keyboards are safe to use and undergo rigorous factory testing to ensure high performance.

Peace of Mind Guarantee: Backed by an Astrum 1-year warranty, our keyboards provide assurance of both quality and durability, delivering a worry-free experience.

Elevate your laptop’s performance with a replacement keyboard that embodies reliability, sustainability, and uncompromising quality.

compatible part no

15-P000 15-P008AU 15-P 15-P089 15-P100DX 15-P114DX

compatible model no
17-K273CA, 17T-K200, CTO, 17T-K, 300, CTO, 17-K224NR, 17-K234NR, 17-K250CA, 17-K270CA, 17-K118NR, 17-K170CA, 17-K203NA, 17-K214NR, 17-K011NR, 17-K073CA, 17T-K000, CTO, 17T-K100
PAVILION 15-K192NR, 15T-K100, CTO, 15-K220NR, 15-K227CL, 15-K230NR, 15-K233CA, 15-K253CA, 15-K257CA, 15-K258CA, 15T-K200, CTO, 15-K151US, 15-K163CL, 15-K167CL, 5-P050CA, 15-P050NR, 15-P051US, 15-P051XX, 15-P064US, 15-P066US, 15-P067CA, 15-P074CA, 15-P080CA, 15-P082NR, 15-P083NR, 15-P084CA, 15-P282NR, 15T-P000, CTO, 15Z-P000, CTO, 15-P114DX

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