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HW020 1 x 3 Ports 4K 1.4V HDMI Switch

Connect multiple HDMI input devices to a single display output, with 3 ports 1.4V HDMI, Supports 4k@30fps, wireless remote, plug & play support.

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The 4K ultra HD HDMI Switch can transmit video of 4K Resolution between 3 ports, you can experience brilliant 4K resolution, deep color, as well as great compatibility.

Astrum HW020 HDMI Switch comes with 3 in 1 out high speed input and ouput ports, supporting AWG36 HDMI standard cables up to 15 meters for input and output, connect a single display screen with multiple devices such as set top box, gaming console, etc.

The digital audio transmission signal can be switched on and off with three signals, and the operation is simple. It is compatible with all kinds of HD video sources. It is also compatible with a variety of HD-DVD formats, set-top boxes, PS3 consoles, and so on.

This best high performance HDMI Switch, easily switches three sources to one display with a wireless remote control making it hassel-free for any user.

Ultra HD video support upto 4K resolution
Support high resolution up to 3840 x 2160 / 30Hz
Wireless remote control for easy switch
Plug & Play, no drivers needed
Supports single display screen connected to multiple devices such as set top box, gaming console, etc.
Connect and switch between multiple devices to display

Technical Specifications:
Resolution: Up to 3840 x 2160P / 30Hz (4k @ 30fps)
Length: up to 15 meters (input + output) / up to 8 meters for 4K resolution
HDMI: V1.4
Audio: DTS-HD / Dolby-true HD / DTS / Dolby-AC3 / DSD
Dimensions: 78 x 53 x 15mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 60g (Approx.)

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