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DA220 Display Port Male to VGA Female Adapter

Full HD 1080p DisplayPort male to VGA female adapter for connecting or extending a display port equipped computer to a monitor or HDTV with VGA input.

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Easily connect your DisplayPort-equipped computer to a monitor, HDTV, or projector with VGA input using our Full HD 1080p DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. This versatile adapter bridges the gap between modern digital outputs and legacy analog displays, ensuring you can extend or mirror your screen with ease. It’s the perfect solution for enhancing your display setup in both professional and personal environments.

Experience the clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution with this reliable adapter. It ensures that your video output maintains high-definition quality, providing sharp, clear images for all your visual content. Whether you’re streaming videos, delivering presentations, or extending your desktop workspace, the adapter guarantees superior video performance, bringing your visuals to life with precision and detail.

Our DisplayPort to VGA adapter is designed for maximum convenience with a true plug-and-play setup. No need for additional drivers or software—simply connect the DisplayPort male end to your computer and the VGA female end to your display device. This straightforward process makes it accessible for both novice users and seasoned professionals, ensuring you can get connected quickly and effortlessly.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this adapter is built to last. Its durable design withstands the demands of daily use, making it a dependable accessory for frequent travelers, business professionals, and students alike. The compact and lightweight form factor ensures easy portability, fitting comfortably in your bag or pocket, so you can always have it on hand when needed.

Whether you’re connecting to a legacy monitor, an older projector, or an HDTV with VGA input, this adapter is the ideal solution. It’s perfect for extending your desktop for multitasking, mirroring your display for presentations, or connecting to external displays for enhanced viewing. Its wide compatibility makes it suitable for use in various environments, including home, office, and educational settings.

Designed to provide stable and consistent performance, our adapter ensures a reliable connection between your devices. The high-quality construction prevents signal loss and interference, maintaining the integrity of your video output. Enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience, whether you’re working, studying, or entertaining.

Upgrade your connectivity with our Full HD 1080p DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. Enjoy the convenience of connecting your DisplayPort-equipped computer to any VGA display with ease, and experience high-definition video quality in a versatile and durable package.


DisplayPort male to VGA female adapter
Connect DisplayPort equipped laptop or desktop to a monitor or projector with VGA input
Extend your laptop screen to a HDTV, monitor or projector
Plug and Play support
In-built IC for digital conversion
1080p full HD resolution
Gold plated connectors

Technical Specifications:
Input: Display port male
Ouput: VGA 15 pin female
Resolution: up to 1080 full HD
Weight: 12g (approx.)

Weight1.95 kg
Dimensions32 × 23.5 × 15.5 cm

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